Deepening Meditation Practice Course

Update: Upali and I have now combined our offerings and will be co-teaching a live Zoom offering of the Deepening Meditation Practice course starting 19 July 2023. The description below is slightly different as it is for my offering for individuals or small groups. Please check out the link above for the current live cohort.


The Deepening Meditation Practice Course is for people who have an existing meditation practice who would like to explore the benefits and possibilities of a deeper and more consistent practice. It will ideally suit those who would like to work towards practising 30 minutes or more per day.

The course will provide more detailed instructions for working with stable attention on breath, including common obstacles and antidotes. The emphasis is on deepening the practice of śamatha (calm abiding), however there will also be discussion of vipassanā (insight) meditation techniques, and on working skillfully with the body, emotions, and mental content. We will also explore more meditation practices as derived from Buddhist teachings and explore how meditation and mindfulness can integrate effectively into daily life.


“Deepening Meditation was exactly the right course to follow from an introductory course or for someone who has already done some beginner practice. It really got me more involved in meditation and showed me what a practice can be. I now feel really motivated to go deeper, deeper, deeper!”

“While the Introduction course felt like I was building my own meditation toolkit…the Deepening Meditation course felt I discovered an entirely new set of meditation tools underneath the first. With these new skills and techniques I reached a deeper and more engaged level of breath awareness, clarity and focus.”


Delivery: This course is delivered by either cohort or individual/small group. See below for details.

Cohort Courses

Upali and I have now combined our offerings and will be co-teaching a live Zoom offering of the Deepening Meditation Practice course starting 19 July 2023.

Individual or Small Group Classes

Personalised delivery of this course is available individually or with a small group of friends. Choose dates and times that suit you and get teaching to augment your specific skills and knowledge.

Dates and times: View available dates and times on Calendly (typically accurate 1-3 months in advance). Sessions dates and times can be flexible but is best done approximately weekly.
Cost*: for 6 weekly sessions of 1 hour each. Join as a group to share the costs.
Individual = $450 AUD
2 participants = $600 AUD
3 or more participants = $750 AUD

Please send me an email ( if you are interested. You can also go ahead and book your first session on Calendly.

*no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. If you’d like to attend but the cost is prohibitive, please contact Kynan

The Deepening Meditation Practice Course follows on from the Introduction to Meditation course. Completion of that course is a prerequisite, or a similar level of experience in meditation. If you’re unsure if your experience matches this, please get in touch to discuss.