Day of Practice – Online Retreat

The Day of Practice will provide an opportunity to take a pause from the busyness and complexities of daily life to focus on meditation, awareness, and tranquility. We will minimise interactions with others, put our phones on aeroplane mode, and take a break from our usual concerns. This will create a container that allows us to deepen our meditation and awareness in ways that may not be possible during daily life.

This is an opportunity to receive instruction from a teacher and practice with others in retreat conditions from the comfort of your own home. Throughout the day there will be seated and walking meditation, a dharma talk, and a 15-minute 1:1 meeting with Kynan.


Date: Next Day of Practice TBC – expected May 2022, please sign up to the mailing list to receive details
Time: Variable to student’s needs and time zone. Suggested schedule is 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sydney Time (AEDT) or 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Perth Time (AWST). See example schedules for Sydney and Perth
Where: Online via Zoom / limited capacity
Cost: $20* – there is the option to give Dana (generosity) for the teachings after the retreat.

* No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Please email

This retreat requires a computer or electronic device with sound and video capabilities as well as internet connection.

I’m in a different time zone or the schedule doesn’t work for me, what should I do?
Feel free to adjust the schedule to suit you best. The only compulsory events are the Dharma Talk and the 1:1 interview. The orientation and closing ceremony are optional, meaning you can start or end your retreat earlier or later than specified. The 1:1 interview will be scheduled sometime during the day based on your time zone. Here are two example schedules for Sydney and Perth time zones. If you haven’t done a retreat before, you may find it best to follow the schedule as written and come to all the group sessions.

What happens during the retreat?
The retreat will mostly consist of alternating sessions of seated and walking meditation (or whatever meditation posture suits you).
In the orientation we will answer any questions about what and how to practice. We will talk about setting our intention for practising for the day as well as discussing what retreats typically look like and why you might choose to practise noble silence.
The closing ceremony is a chance to chat with other practitioners and end the retreat with a sense of community. We will also do a guided practice together.
There’s also a window of time for a meal, break, or exercise.

How much time will be spent on Zoom?
There will be an orientation, talk, and closing ceremony that will be done as a group on Zoom. This will total about 2 hours. You will also have a 15-minute interview with Kynan scheduled at some point throughout the day. There will also be a virtual meditation hall on Zoom, where we can do the group sits together (optional but highly recommended so that you know others are also practising).

I still have questions!
Please contact me! I’m happy to talk through the format and how you might want to practice ahead of the retreat.

If you have any questions, please email