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Guided Meditations


This is an 18 minute guided mettā meditation where we direct kindness and friendliness to six different recipients. We send kindness to ourselves last. To practice mettā, we can use a number of simple phrases repeated silently, as well as visualisation and awareness of body sensations/emotions. It is a transformative practice that has the potential to help us move through difficulty and form better relationships with ourselves and those around us.

Clarity of Emotions

This 26 minute guided meditation focuses on making contact with emotional-type body sensations. There is a strong emphasis here on observing these feelings with acceptance, compassion, and curiosity. It begins with śamatha by watching the breath to cultivate calm and clarity, then moves to finding somewhere in the body with neutral or pleasant sensations as a ‘home base’ — somewhere to return to at any point the emotions are overwhelming. The second half of the meditation explores if there are any emotions or feelings that are strong or prominent and invites the meditator to watch these with clarity by investigating the specific qualities of the sensations felt in the body. By allowing those sensations to be there without pushing them away or holding on to them, the sensations and emotions can be felt without being a problem.

Increasing Awareness

When doing śamatha (calm abiding) practice in the style of The Mind Illuminated (TMI) we are working towards both stable attention and bright, open awareness. If we have only attention, we can get pulled into thought or sleep without realising. This 17 minute meditation uses a variation of the checking in technique from TMI to get a sense of what having more peripheral awareness feels like and to gradually increase the clarity, brightness, and openness of awareness. This practice will be of most value to practitioners working with Stage 3 and 4 of TMI.

Thoughts and the Thinking Process

This 26 minute guided meditation that explores one way of seeing thoughts and the thinking process. This is an insight practice that is intended to increase clarity of this specific part of experience. Here we look at how thoughts often appear as either mental images or mental talk, finding where they are located in space and the felt sense of experiencing these different kinds of thoughts. We are unconcerned with their content, seeing them as a process of the mind that doesn’t need to be stopped or controlled but instead can just be allowed to happen without pushing away or holding on.
Note: this meditation doesn’t include any śamatha/samadhi/concentration practice, so you may want to add this yourself at the beginning.


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