Personal Instruction

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For meditators who want to commit to practising in a dedicated way and are looking for transformative benefits from the practice, getting personalised guidance is highly recommended. Whether your practice is going well or you are hitting some roadblocks, regular coaching sessions can really help to go deeper into the practice and to avoid potential pitfalls.

Speaking to a teacher one-on-one is a great way to learn about meditation in a way that suits your exact needs and experience. It can greatly accelerate your progress. It’s a way to establish your commitment to practice through accountability and support.

I’ve personally found that speaking regularly to a teacher was the most important thing for the development of my practice. It helped to get feedback, to point out things I couldn’t see from my vantage point, to have accountability, and to have the support of someone who is looking out for you. It’s the most effective and valuable way to care for your practice.

In the meditation world today it sometimes feels like there is too much information out there without clear guidelines for how this all relates to you. I aim to help clarify what is possible from meditation practice and to make sense of meditation and Dharma in the context of our rich, complex lives. I can also help you with learning more about refinement of technique, knowing when to change practices, and giving pointers on what to explore at various forks in the road.

My intention is to work collaboratively with students to help them achieve transformative change in the areas that are most important to them.

Individual Sessions

I’m currently offering a free introductory session so that we can get to know each other and see if working together is a good fit. After an initial meeting or two to get to know each other and identify areas that we can work on together, students often find it helpful to meet at regular intervals, such as weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

I offer a tiered pricing model in an effort to offer 1:1 meditation instruction at a cost that is affordable to students and also allows me to teach sustainably. For a 50-minute session:

  • $90 AUD Community
  • $120 AUD Standard
  • $150 AUD Supporter

(halve each of these for 25-minute sessions)

To give an idea of currency conversion, this is approximately 60/80/100 in either USD or EUR, or £50/£68/£85 GPB as of 12 July 2022.

Coaching Package

I also offer a meditation coaching package as a way to commit to a period of time of dedicated practice. We will meet every one or two weeks over a period of three months (optionally we can meet more or less frequently to suit your schedule).

Committing to a set of sessions is a great a way to build accountability, support, and consistency in your practice. You could think about this as a ‘sprint’ to see what is possible in this time. It’s also a way to explore a particular area of practice, solidify a range of techniques, or to work through particular obstacles.

  • Six sessions = $500 AUD

This works out to be approximately 330 USD; 320 EUR; or 280 GBP as of 23 Nov 2022.

Please contact me to arrange a free introductory session where we can discuss how we might best work together and booking a coaching package.


If you are doing a retreat that you have organised yourself and would like some support, I’d be happy to guide you. The format is flexible — meetings every two days for 15-30 minutes seems to work well for most people. I’m happy to offer this for dana (generosity) so that you can pay what you feel is generous and sustainable appropriate to your situation.


If you’d like to talk with me but the cost is prohibitive, please get in touch as I’m generally able to offer a discounted rate. There are also a number of free offerings available under classes and recordings.

When we organise a session I’ll send you a calendar invite with the Zoom link. Please make sure that the time is correct in your time zone as this calendar invite is the official time we’ve committed to. Please also see the cancellation policy.

If you’d like a one on one session, please book a session on Calendly. You can also get in touch via to introduce yourself and organise a time.


Payment is either via bank transfer or via Wise (formerly TransferWise). If you are in Australia the best method is bank transfer. I’ll send you my bank details when we meet.

If you are outside of Australia, please use Wise as this offers the best exchange rate and lowest transaction fees. When using Wise, simply enter my email address ( and all the other details should be auto-filled.