Dharma Foundations Course

Meditation Course with Upali & Kynan

Upali and I collaborated on what we think creates the most high quality and enjoyable online meditation course experience, and this is the result! The course lasts 6 weeks and starts January 9th.

This will act as pathway to eSangha, a class for advanced meditators run by Tucker Peck.

More information and registration.

For those with an interest in the practical benefits of a contemporary approach to meditation and Dharma.

The aims of this course are to enable participants to establish a consistent meditation practice, learn about how the core concepts of Buddhism might apply to our lives, and find support and community (saṅgha).

The course will primarily explore the meditation practice of śamatha or calm abiding using techniques from The Mind Illuminated and will suit anyone practising in stages 1-4 of TMI. We will also look at how śamatha practice can integrate with mettā, insight, and open awareness practices.

Each week we will develop an understanding of meditation techniques through guided meditations, discuss practice experiences and get assistance, and consider key concepts of Buddhist practice. You will learn tips and tricks for practising, get support from a community, and gain confidence in your ability to practice on your own.

This course acts as the introduction to eSangha, and will also provide a solid foundation for attending retreats with Dr. Tucker Peck and Upasaka Upali.


Delivery: This course is delivered by either cohort or individual/small group. See below for details.
Times: 6 x weekly sessions
Where: Online via Zoom. The course requires a computer or electronic device with sound and video capabilities as well as internet connection.

Individual or Small Group Classes

Personalised delivery of this course is available individually or with a small group of friends. Choose dates and times that suit you and get teaching to augment your specific skills and knowledge.

Dates and times: View available dates and times on Calendly (typically accurate 1-3 months in advance). Sessions dates and times can be flexible but is best done approximately weekly.
Cost*: for 6 weekly sessions of 1 hour each. Bring your friends to share the costs.
Individual = $300 USD
2 participants = $400 USD
3 or more participants = $500 USD

Please send me an email (kynantctan@gmail.com) if you are interested. You can also optionally book your first session on Calendly.

*no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. If you’d like to attend but the cost is prohibitive, please contact Kynan

Upcoming Cohorts

If you’d like to join a class with a larger group, please check out the Meditation Course with Upali & Kynan. This begins in January and July each year.

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