Introduction to Meditation Course

Meditation is widely accepted as an effective method to train, calm, and quiet the mind. It has numerous benefits, including reducing stress, improving focus, cultivating calm and peacefulness, and stabilising moods. Anyone can learn the skills of meditation with guidance and practice.

In this online course you will learn the practical skills of how to establish your own meditation practice, as well as connecting with a community of meditators. This course will teach the meditation style of tranquillity or calm abiding. You will learn about postures, meditation techniques, highlight common difficulties, learn tips and tricks for practising, and gain confidence in your ability to practise on your own.


Times: each class 1.5 hours
See below for upcoming course dates
Where: Online via Zoom / capacity limited to 8 participants
Cost*: for entire course – $120 low income / $150 standard / $180 supporter (AUD)

* if you’d like to attend but the cost is prohibitive, please contact Kynan

The course requires a computer or electronic device with sound and video capabilities as well as internet connection.


“I really looked forward to every sit with Kynan in the course that he taught. He is inclusive, attentive, calm and a very good listener. Meditation was demystified and became something that felt achievable through his teachings. Highly recommend doing one of his courses! Troubles of the day melted away…”

“Kynan’s introduction to mediation is amazing. It sounds like an overstatement but his class has changed my life! While still at the beginning of my practice, approx 2 months in, it has given me much more focus, calmness and in turn, I sleep much better, work more productively and generally feel more energised. I cannot recommend Kynan as a teacher, or his course, enough!”

“I’m so glad I did this course. After trying various meditation apps over the years, Kynan’s Intro to Meditation has been a game-changer. It helped me reframe my approach, understand what techniques work for me, and solidify a daily practice. I feel more calm, more self-aware and more energised.”

Upcoming Courses

There are no upcoming events at this time.